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Flat Rate NCOALink FSP/LSP

Don’t let bad data hinder your productivity

As USPS® Move Update regulations continue to change, mailers must be proactive to satisfy continued discounts. NCOALink® FSP or LSP processing is a go-to solution. BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services have long offered unmatched Move Update tools, including its Flat Rate FSP and LSP ensure address correction excellence.

      • Flat Rate FSP provides access to BCC Software’s NCOALink® FSP processing, which updates submitted records based on 48 months of moves recorded in the USPS Change of Address (COA) database.
      • Flat Rate LSP delivers 18 months of COA data, plus ANKLink® processing to determine when the full 48-month service may be useful.

Key Features

Key Benefits

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Both service options provide DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing at no additional charge. Most importantly, both services perform the necessary address cleansing to ensure that your First-Class™ and Standard Mail® jobs will be eligible for the postage automation discounts they deserve—and that individual mailpieces, now properly updated, will be much more likely to reach their desired targets.

Every job deserves access to the proper Move Update resources that will guide them toward USPS compliance and the most effective, economical delivery available.

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