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Proving Communication Solutions with Mindful Intention and Efficiency

March 05, 2019

This is a guest article from Ricoh, a valued BCC Software partner.

Discover how Ricoh drastically improved one company’s operations by creating a customer communications solution focused on accuracy.

The Background

A health insurance company managed their communications by department with numerous applications, unique internal processes, and approvals many times defined at an individual by individual level. Documents were created and designed with controls and governance at the inception. As the documents moved through the organization for content and verbiage changes, however, the controls and trackability began to disappear.

Different versions of the same document were found across the enterprise on local users’ desktops with each user believing they had the most recent and compliant version. When the compliance and internal auditors reviewed their processes, they identified the following issues:

  • A large number of similar documents throughout the company (some as old as 10 versions back and over 5 years old)
  • Misinformation was delivered to end consumers which impacted customer experience and allowed for potential fines
    • Incorrect messaging (both internal and regulatory)
    • Inaccurate price points
    • Old physical addresses
    • Disconnected phone numbers
    • Invalid office hours
  • Lack of version control
  • Slow speed to market for changes

The Solution

Ricoh Composition as a Service (CaaS) was implemented as a complete customer communications management suite. Ricoh provided a solution using their hosted offering to streamline the customer’s communication requirements both immediate (print, mail) and long term (e-presentment) as well as any future communication needs.

The CaaS Solution allowed the company to utilize Ricoh’s hosted Composition Suite for development and deployment. The health insurance company had all the controls and advantages of an industry leading solution without many of the burdens that come with managing software and infrastructure maintenance and support. One of the unique offerings with Ricoh’s CaaS Solution was the ability to adapt to the customer’s need of keeping both the data and development process inside their own environment.

Ricoh additionally was able to assist the transition from their legacy application to the Ricoh CaaS Solution with a modified “lift and shift” solution, utilizing Ricoh’s development resources to fast track the project while partnering with local subject matter experts to transition the existing documents. Doing so ultimately ensured best practices were utilized in order for the company to take full advantage of the technology.

Ricoh was able to introduce and offer this health insurance company a solution that:

  • Created a visually pleasing and modern design
  • Track changes (user changes and verbiage)
  • Manage Content (schedule marketing events based on triggers)
  • Streamline builds based on intelligent design
  • Expedite Updates via global changes
  • Deliver both print and electronic communications with a consistent look and feel
  • Control messaging

Ricoh’s CaaS offering greatly improved the voice of the health insurance company. Their messages went from being disparate and untraceable to being auditable, intentional, and targeted to drive response and behavior. They were able to deliver poignant messages to their consumers based on the end-user’s requirements.

To learn more about how Ricoh can improve the operations at your company, visit www.ricoh.com.

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