BCC Post-Presort

Optimize Cost and Distribution of Mailings

Monticello is Now BCC Post-Presort

Monticello Software was founded in 1995 by Joe Bailey, a University of Virginia graduate who obtained permission from The Thomas Jefferson Foundation to name the company after nearby Monticello, a National Historic Landmark. In 2012, Satori Software acquired Monticello Software. In 2019, BCC Software acquired Satori Software and rebranded the Monticello post-presort software suite as BCC Post-Presort.

BCC Software provides the mailing industry with solutions that span its need for data quality and presort through streamlined postage payment and acceptance processing. BCC Post-Presort solutions provide mailers with cost-saving benefits from post-presort Mail.dat® file management, drop-ship optimization, co-palletization and dynamic entry planning.

BCC Post-Presort MAILdb™

Use MAILdb to efficiently get the most value out of your mailings. Edit and consolidate Mail.dat files for postal acceptance and payment through the PostalOne!® program. Export separate Mail.dat files or a single .ZIP file for an entire mailing. Reduce costs associated with printing and shipping the USPS® Qualification Reports. Produce bag tags, tray labels and pallet placards automatically.

Optional Add-Ons

BCC Post-Presort POSTAGEdb™

Generate postage statements and produce useful reports describing your mailing for use in production, quality control, documentation and acceptance facilitation. With POSTAGEdb you can select the portion of a mailing that will drop today, and produce the postage statements for just that submission. Keep track of what mail has been released, when it was released and what has not yet gone.

BCC Post-Presort ENTRYdb™

Quickly and efficiently determine the optimum entry-point assignments for a mailing. ENTRYdb pinpoints the exact costs and benefits of shipping to an entry point and ensures that entry points are assigned in the manner most beneficial to you.

BCC Post-Presort PALLETdb™

Quickly and efficiently create pallets from loose containers scattered across multiple jobs. Be in full compliance with USPS standards for pallet preparation and eligible for the appropriate drop-ship discounts.

BCC Post-Presort MAILdb Robot™

Automate routine, time-intensive processing steps performed on your Mail.dat data files. Automatically import, archive, export and perform batch updates. Concurrently run multiple MAILdb Robot jobs.

BCC Post-Presort FASTdb™

Make appointments in the USPS FAST® system using Mail.XML transactions. The system streamlines the appointment making process and provides a mechanism to collect, organize and work with close-out information. Submit simultaneous requests for multiple appointments to expedite the process.

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