BCC Presort

Data Processing Software

High-Volume Mail Preparation

BCC Presort is an integral part of large commercial printer workflows and those seeking razor-thin differences in gross margins. Use BCC Presort to optimize your workflow and to maximize postage savings.

Production mailers who are very familiar with postal regulations and operate in a distributed processing environment gain needed speed and flexibility. Everything is backed by the personal, high-quality support from BCC Software mailing industry experts.

Handle complex mailings with ease

Supports the most complex mailings, including many optional procedure agreements and niche classifications. BCC Presort can be easily integrated into other products and systems to improve your efficiency.

PAVE™ Gold, MAC Batch™, and ZAP Certified

Approved by the USPS® and adhering to its Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards, so presorting is in full compliance with USPS regulations.

Postal Discounts

Achieve the best possible postage discounts. Includes support for drop shipping and Carrier Route sortation for maximum work-sharing discounts.

Presort Views

Makes processing database files easy for new and existing users.

  • Easy-to-use, graphical screens with menus, wizards, toolbars, and online help to save time and prevent setup errors.
  • Set up parts of your job automatically. and verify your job setup as you go, so it catches and corrects most errors quickly.

Customize Mailings

Flexibility to customize mailings to include many types of sortation options such as palletization, co-mail, multiple entry points and manifest mailings.

Ease of Integration

Easily integrates with BCC Ignite and other systems or products to improve efficiency.

Intelligent Mail® Support

Supports Intelligent Mail® with the necessary output for printing as well as electronic document submission through Mail.dat®.

Informed Delivery® Support

Create Mail.dat files that support the transmission of Informed Delivery® campaign information.

Customizable Output Files

Create and customize output files for Address, Pallet, Sack/Tray, and Package label creation to meet your needs.

Label Studio (Sold Separately)

Takes your input files and outputs customized labels. Use this design tool to produce address, trays, sack and pallet labels that meet postal industry standards.

Personal Support

Class-leading, personal support. 100% of the support team are certified USPS Mailpiece Design Professionals.

Optional Add-Ons

Electronic Verification System (eVS)

Prepare parcel mailings with IMpb compliant shipping labels, submit a single Shipping Services File (.manifest) for Tracking and Postage Payment, and manage quality across all mailings with a monthly reconciliation process.

Air Freight Boxes (AFB)

You can prepare, label, pay, and transport AFB mailings and use eInduction to identify the AFB as a container to expedite delivery of time-sensitive materials.

Priority Mail®

Priority Mail® (PM) class offers expedited service (1-3 business day domestic delivery, not guaranteed). Presort currently supports Priority Mail parcel jobs.

Mixed Class Co-Mail

Ideal for large commercial printers, co-minglers and logistics providers to the mailing industry, to combine volumes from periodical flats, standard flats and BPM flats into a single mailing to maximize postage discounts and minimize labor costs.


Facilitates the creation of polybags containing multiple periodicals, each of which can be treated as a single flat, potentially resulting in large savings on piece charges.

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