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Status of Your Data Marketing Services Jobs is Always Available

May 01, 2017

BCC Software’s Customer Portal can be used as a quick reference to check the status of existing and previous DMS jobs, helping you monitor job flow and react immediately to any delays.

Once logged into the Customer Portal, the status of DMS jobs can be viewed by going to Services > Data Marketing Services > Data Marketing Services Jobs.


On this screen you can create an endless combination of queries based on specific criteria such as PO number, date ranges, and process types.

Based on your query, a listing of DMS jobs is displayed:


There are six different, real-time statuses used to communicate the phase of your job.

  • Processing – The job is currently processing on our end
  • Returned – The job is done processing and ready for retrieval
  • Canceled – The job has been canceled
  • On Hold – Pre-processing – PAF – The job is On Hold waiting for a hardcopy PAF to be logged or an ePAF to be confirmed
  • On Hold – Pre-processing – Finance – The job is On Hold due to wrong payment method selected, expired subscription, insufficient credit or prepaid credits
  • Error – Job Open Error – The job file did not completely upload to BCC Software and needs to be resubmitted

For further information on this Customer Portal page call the Data Services Marketing Department at 1.800.337.0372.

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