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Tech Tip: Navigating Truck Direct Mail

February 27, 2024

Are you interested in destination drop shipping and logistics? Did you know that BCC Mail Manager can help you with the decision?  When presorting, the ‘Show Summary’ functionality is available on the Mailing Presort Information window. This allows you to see potential destinations for dropping your mail using Truck Direct Mail (powered by Direct Logistics Solutions). It’s important to remember that this is an estimate only. The destinations you’ve selected are sorted, and a destination is created only if there are qualifying containers for the drop shipment. Select your destinations and presort. A TDM Quote ID can be generated by going to Tools -> Truck Direct Mail Quote from the Presort Summary Printing Menu. The Truck Direct Mail Quote ID is displayed on the bottom left corner of Presort Summary Printing Menu window, with a link to the dashboard. The link takes you to the BCC Customer Portal, where you can login and complete your job.

To access TDM without using the link from Mail Manager, login to the BCC Software Customer Portal. Go to Services > Truck Direct Mail > New/Track Job > BCC.TruckDirectMail.com. A field to enter the TDM Quote ID generated from the Presort Summary Printing Menu is available, and, when entered, the destinations that were selected in Mail Manager will load into the Job. Otherwise you can manually create a new job by destination and piece counts per drop. When complete, submit the Job. Direct Logistics will contact you directly regarding the details. If you have more questions, call BCC Software Customer Support at 1 800.624.5234.

Note: TDM is only available for Standard Mail Letters and Flats, and delivers only to NDC and SCF facilities.

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