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Why Now More Than Ever, This is the Time for a W2P Solution

January 05, 2021

This is a guest article from Print Reach, a valued BCC Software partner.

Working From Home

One of the biggest changes the world has seen in 2020 is the ability to work from home. This has opened the door to contactless delivery systems, at-home company meetings, and many more. Activities we usually do in person or at the office are all now happening within our own homes.

Many who had previously been resistant to the practice are now having to get comfortable with it out of necessity. With the modern capabilities of Web-to-Print technology and responsive web design, customers can now access their storefronts through mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices, anytime and anywhere they want.

This is going to make a huge impact on the print industry and the need to give customers a way to order and track their orders online. With a W2P storefront, customers can track every step of their order, with real time shipping data. They will know exactly when they can expect their order to arrive, and which delivery service is being used. Some delivery services allow you to sign a signature release document that allows permission for them to leave packages at your business without anyone needing to sign for the packages.

Efficiency is your ally in times of uncertainty

Getting accurate data to process orders timely and accurately while working at home is what helps keep businesses afloat during these uncertain times.

It is uncertain when and if businesses will return to how things were before the “new normal”, but one thing is for certain: It is crucial to remain efficient in day to day operations.

With a Web-to-Print storefront to suit a customer’s needs, the customers won’t get caught up in a storm of irrelevant emails spamming their inboxes. The inefficient use of emails may cause delays, which results in issues in the future.

With a simple tap on a phone or tablet, customers can quickly place orders and view proofs in real-time. A printer offering a Web-to-Print solution to their customers is more likely to build a stronger relationship with them, as customers have control over what they would like to have present on their shop’s page. If a customer is successful, so is the printer.

Streamline invoicing and touchless payments

Gone are the days where a company sends their customers an invoice via mail. All online ordering shops offer various payment options on checkout. It can be either PayPal, or Credit Card, or various other digital payment systems. Payment through Debit or Credit Card is one of the most populars ones for many of the largest companies such as Amazon. Due to the pandemic, we have seen a roughly 25% increase in credit card usage in the print industry.

With the simple touch of a button, payments can be sent and orders processed. The “Pay Now” button can be embedded within the site, or sent to the customer via email for instant processing, making production start faster.

All taxes, shipping and handling fees – everything can be automatically calculated with the Web-to-Print system, making payments a simple and quick process. This removes human error in the calculation process and gives customers exact/accurate numbers. All data is securely stored and encrypted on servers. Should an extremely rare data breach occur, all information stored will be unreadable by anyone, making online payments one of the safest and securest forms of payment.

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