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A Look Ahead at 2015

January 01, 2015

Even without a rate increase, this January brings many changes at the USPS®, providing some vision into what to expect for 2015. BCC Software President Chris Lien sat down recently and shared his thoughts in a newly released video.

The largest change we have seen for 2015 is the announced retirement of the current Postmaster General, Pat Donahoe. Pat will retire in February, 2015 after piloting the USPS through one of its most complex periods in history. Pat had the difficult task of teaching the USPS, always an agency of growth, how to make itself smaller. He also had to accomplish this without disrupting the economic juggernaut supported by the activities of the USPS. Thankfully for all of us attached to the USPS, he was able to take this difficult task, and execute it as well as anyone could have expected. The new Postmaster General will be Megan Brennan, current COO and EVP for the USPS.

We will also see big changes to the way that mail is entered, and the beginning of real enforcement (read that as invoices) for errors made when preparing Full Service Mail. Many of the changes can be reviewed by taking a look at the USPS’s “Mail Entry Roadmap”, where they give you a sturdy review of how mail acceptance and entry will change over the next 1-2 years.

Combined with an upcoming second round of network rationalization, changes to SCF acceptance rules (load leveling), and modifications to how labeling lists are deployed, we can see that the pace of change for the USPS is much faster than ever before.

Stay tuned to the eBulletin for more details on “What’s next for the USPS.” Next month we anticipate information on what rate changes are coming, and how it will affect you.

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