BCC Mail Manager Full Service

Industrial strength solution for high volume mailers.

Product Overview

BCC Mail Manager Full Service is designed to exclusively meet the needs of premier-level mailers: high-volume operations requiring maximum flexibility in a powerful, all-in-one mailing software solution.

BCC Mail Manager Full Service includes, as standard mailing software features, a comprehensive array of mailing innovations—from deluxe automation capabilities that enable true 24/7 unattended processing of specified tasks or complete mailing jobs, to full palletization support (including First-Class™ pallet functionality), enhanced merge/purge features and much more. These capabilities are further augmented by a proprietary address-matching API that goes beyond CASS certification and delivers processing speeds many times faster than the industry-standard address matching engines.

The foundation of BCC Mail Manager Full Service is BCC Software’s acclaimed BCC Mail Manager core mailing software technology, long respected for its intuitive flexibility and remarkable ease of use across the widest variety of mailing applications. This ever-evolving USPS® CASS™/PAVE™ certified platform, coupled with BCC Software’s unlimited best-in-class Customer Support, has earned the confidence of a generation of professional mailers. Now, BCC Mail Manager Full Service takes that promise an important step further.

Whether you call it a bulk mail software, a direct mail software or a presort software, know that you can trust the versatility Mail Manager Full Service can bring to your marketing strategy. 

Product Features

  • Easy scheduling of FAST® appointments from within the software with the integrated eAppointment option, making the appointment booking process quicker and more user friendly
  • Proprietary address-matching API that delivers dramatically higher processing speeds than the industry-standard USPS® matching engine—fast enough to meet the most demanding throughput requirements
  • Deluxe automation capabilities, including 24/7 watch-folder technology
  • Support for First-Class / Sack / Package / Tray palletization
  • Supports USPS® Customized MarketMail® job preparation
  • Enhanced merge/purge functionality, including support for householding and advanced targeted marketing applications
  • Mail.dat file generation, to facilitate participation with USPS® PostalOne!® program
  • Integrated networking capabilities with access for unlimited number of users at licensed site
  • Complete integrated support for USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode technology
  • Firm packaging capabilities, and support for package subclasses Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Post®, Media Mail® and Library Mail
  • Unlimited toll-free phone, e-mail and online Customer Support
  • Access to BCC Software’s Professional Services, for on-site product transitioning, process analyses or solutions consulting
  • Premium options: MOVE Manager FSP, for advanced in-house NCOALink® processing Mail Manifesting for Bound Printed Matter
  • Integrated services access: USPS® NCOALink® FSP and LSP processing (Flat Rate FSP/LSP also available) Address Resolution Service, IMb Tracing with Track N Trace, Truck Direct Mail drop-ship logistics engine