Transform your mailroom into a productivity powerhouse.

Now that BCC Mail Manager™ has increased your mailing efficiency, all you need to take on additional jobs are more hours in a day. With BCC Software’s TaskMaster™ option for BCC Mail Manager, even that goal is within reach. Transform a single-shift mailroom into a 24×7 operation and turn your overworked staff into a highly-organized and prepared team, all with the help of TaskMaster.

TaskMaster brings high-end automation to any BCC Mail Manager equipped workflow. This first-rate option makes it easy to record individual tasks or whole jobs, and set them to playback anytime, day or night, with little or no operator attention.

The TaskMaster option is included as a standard feature in BCC Mail Manager Full Service™, BCC Software’s premier solution for top-tier mailers.

Key Features

Automated preparation of files for data service processing

  • Send files automatically
  • Retrieve files automatically
  • Process results and produce reports automatically

Mailpiece tracking

Ability to automatically submit Track N Trace® jobs through BCC Mail Manager

Advanced presorting

  • Presort specification settings (manifest/batch presorts and SCF/BMC/DDUs) can be saved via pre-recorded tasks
  • Easily batch print presort documentation, saving time by turning many print jobs into one

Time-saving functions

  • Specify and quickly run jobs based on selected parameters
  • Generate, name, and format blank lists
  • Add, update, or remove companies for postage statements or change of address processing
  • Back up or delete lists after jobs are complete
  • Create presorted and non-presorted label output

Key Benefits

Job-specific variables can allow automation of very complex or last-minute jobs

Intuitive record/playback function stores individual tasks, or entire jobs, to run unattended

Create, edit, or run jobs outside of BCC Mail Manager’s menu-driven environment using text editor, built-in editor, or another third-party editor

Download the data sheet and learn more about TaskMaster™