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BCC Software Congratulates Full-Service Certified Mail Service Providers

November 04, 2016
Half of all nationally recognized Full-Service Certified Mail Service Providers Use BCC Mail Manager

Rochester, N.Y. – November 6, 2016: Today BCC Software proudly congratulates the 62 Full-Service Certified Mail Service Providers (MSP), viewable at the United States Postal Service Customer Support Center website under Intelligent Mail® Services. Thirty one of the 62 mailers recognized by the USPS as Full Services Certified MSPs use a BCC Mail Manager product as their mailing software solution.

“BCC Software is privileged to work alongside our customers as they use technology to be the best service provider they can be,” said president Chris Lien. “This recognition from the USPS is a great achievement that provides substantial benefits both to the mailer and the mailers customers. We were honored to discover that half of these top mailers rely upon BCC Software products and services.”

Achieving MSP status means the mailing service provider fulfills two key requirements: a unique Intelligent Mail Barcode is on each letter, tray, and container and they submit electronic documentation (eDoc) of mailing information. By meeting these obligations, MSPs get the best commercial pricing and largest discounts available by the USPS. Additionally, MSPs enjoy zero annual permit fees, no cost address correction, no cost mail tracking, and “Mail Anywhere” privileges, which allows MSPs to use a single permit at multiple business mail entry sites.

“Having attained Full-Service Certified MSP means that RightWayMail.com is invested in the 21st Century and the USPS, getting there with BCC Software,” said Steven Rost, owner of RightWayMail.com. “RightWayMail.com has been a Full-Service Certified for over a year. It demonstrates our strength and commitment to the USPS and clientele today and beyond. The best is yet to come and we are excited.”

BCC Software offers Test Environment for Mailers (TEM)-certified software for PostalOne!® and USPS® certified customer support to help navigate becoming a Full-Service MSP, like Hatteras and RightWayMail.com.

“In our continuing effort to deliver outstanding service and valuable mail products for our customers, obtaining the Full-Service Certified Mailer status was a critical milestone,” said Hatteras company president Bill Duerr. “At Hatteras, everything we do is in an effort to enable our clients to deliver their message with speed and accuracy, and this certification empowers us to do so.”

To learn more about BCC Mail Manager or request a free trial contact BCC Software at 800.453.3130 or marketing@bccsoftware.com.

About BCC Software, LLC: Based in Rochester, NY, BCC Software creates innovative postal software solutions and provides extensive data marketing services. The company was founded in 1978 and employs approximately 80 people. More information on BCC Software can be found at www.bccsoftware.com or by calling 800.624.5234.

BCC Software Media Contact: Shawn Ryan, Vice President, Product Strategy, shawnr@bccsoftware.com, 585.341.3357


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