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Combining Workflow Management and Postal Optimization: A Case Study

June 04, 2018
This is a guest article from Solimar Systems, a valued BCC Software partner.

The print and mailing industry is a complex one, complete with differing environments, processes, and workflows. But one thing is consistent – the need to reduce costs, save time, and create efficient workflows is a goal across all companies. It is something any organization producing print and mail content can relate to, but how do you know if you have the right solution implemented for the most effective workflow? Understanding where your pitfalls may lie is essential to getting on the right track. The first step? Get informed about industry changes and available technologies from industry experts, like BCC Software.

Let’s look at a real-world example:

Recently, at the Solimar User Conference 2018, Hank Martin, Manager Strategic Partnerships at BCC Software and a mutual Solimar and BCC Software client, ViaTech, shared how Solimar’s Print Director Enterprise and BCC Software’s BCC Mail Manager Full Service ™ have positively changed the way their print and mail environment. To set the stage, here is the challenge that ViaTech faced prior to this implementation:

  • ViaTech processed 200-300 jobs per day, which could be comprised of anywhere from one to several thousand documents.
  • Setup time between composition, recomposition, and mailing software was taking between 5-10 minutes per job. And that didn’t include other processes down the line.
  • ViaTech required more than four staff members per day to run the process.

ViaTech looked at their operation and chose Solimar and BCC Software to help them reduce the touchpoints throughout their workflow process—targeting both the post-composition and mail management functions. They also wanted to reduce the number of staff required to run the process, so they could be leveraged for other important and valuable tasks within the operations. Finally, they wanted to drive the process with data quality and automation.

Through the strategic partnership between Solimar and BCC Software, ViaTech was able to implement a solution that delivered the goals they were looking for. By integrating SPDE with BCC Mail Manager™, the workflow processes were able to run uninterrupted and without the need for continuous manual setups. The standardized and automated process has delivered a time savings of about 10 minutes per job for ViaTech. In addition, they are able to now run CASS™ and NCOALink® to meet mailing requirements.

How did these changes in enhancing ViaTech’s workflow impact the organization as a whole?  The workflow enhancements coupled with the automated Solimar Systems and BCC Software solution eliminated 3,000 minutes per day of time spent setting up jobs, which is the equivalent of 50 hours. They were also able to reallocate staff members to other important projects.

This case further proves not only the power of strategic industry partnerships, but the immense difference that implementing automation can make for the efficiency, and in turn, growth and success, for your company. With the right automation tools in place, you can revolutionize and grow your business.

ViaTech now has the ability to handle more volume, for less cost and with the confidence that they can meet the requirements of their customers for processing and delivery times.

The team at Solimar invites you to contact them to learn more and take a look at more real-world examples of how Solimar and their strategic partners, like BCC Software, solve print and digital workflow challenges.

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