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Don’t Call it a Comeback: Direct Mail’s Influential Place in Marketing

September 02, 2017

With digital marketing seemingly the most popular advertising method, it cannot be forgotten that direct mail is the foundation of effective marketing. And with new technologies and innovations in the mailing industry, direct mail pieces are an integral part of any marketing campaign and are getting companies a greater ROI.

Direct mail leads to multi- and omni-channel Marketing

As marketers know, the most effective campaigns have multiple touch points, or multiple opportunities to engage the consumer and have them act on your offer. Direct mail is the foundation of such campaigns, as it gets directly into the hands of consumers.

Today, consumers are experiencing digital fatigue, and with the amount of online advertising that the average consumer sees every day, it’s no wonder. In fact, according to the 2016 DMA Response Rate Report, there has been a 43 percent increase in direct mail response rates from 2015 to the present—direct mail has a stable response rate of over 5 percent, which is much higher than email marketing which has a response rate of about 1 percent.

In the midst of this digital fatigue phenomenon, direct mail is not only still effective, but becoming even more so. Because of the medium itself, consumers spend more time observing direct mail. Whether they act on the offer or throw the piece away, they spend more time considering it versus email or online advertising.

The tangibility of direct mail lends itself to memory. With modern digital printing capabilities, mail pieces can be personalized for each consumer, which in turn helps your chances of engagement. Vibrant, bright colors and textured stock are options that are sure to get your mailpiece noticed.

It’s important to understand that direct mail works best when in conjunction with other marketing tactics, such as email marketing. Working together, the campaign is more likely to engage consumers and get you a better ROI.

The USPS® is working with its partners in the industry works tirelessly to advance the mail’s perception with new technologies.

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