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Drop Shipping Made Easy, Part II

May 05, 2020

This is a guest article from Direct Logistics, a valued BCC Software partner.

Have you ever used or considered drop shipping mail? With the 2020 election season coming up, it’s more important than ever to understand your NDC and SCF destination entry drop shipping options. As you may already know, the two primary benefits of drop shipping are accelerated in-home delivery and additional postage discounts. However, you may not be aware of the Truck Direct Mail (TDM) service provided by our value-added partner Direct Logistics that helps BCC Software customers estimate and initiate destination entry drop shipments.

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Direct Logistics provides drop shipping services across the country to companies of all sizes for a variety of shipping needs. Over the years many BCC Software customers have benefitted from using the “TDM” option to easily calculate net postage savings and ship mail-as-freight.

  • NDC / SCF entry mail creates additional postage savings and reduces USPS® processing
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is faster and more reliable than other destination entry options
  • Truck Direct Mail (TDM) makes LTL drop shipping as painless, reliable and affordable as possible
  • TDM’s best-of-breed LTL carrier network has a 99.6% historical record for on-time performance
  • BCC Software brings the destination entry drop shipping into the presort workflow and provides a direct path for LTL shipping services

LTL pricing and transit days are available directly within BCC Mail Manager™ and BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ and pre-integrated with the TDM online service. However, any BCC Software user can access TDM services by uploading a Mail.dat® file to https://bcc.truckdirectmail.com.

Connecting to and working with the valued TDM service is easy.

If you’re new to TDM, simply register via this link: https://bcc.truckdirectmail.com/#/action/newaccount.

If you have an existing TDM account you can now login at: https://bcc.truckdirectmail.com.

For more information on TDM within the BCC Mail Manager products contact BCC Customer Support at 800-624-5234 or tech@bccsoftware.com.

For more information on Drop Shipping with TDM go to https://bcc.truckdirectmail.com and click Learn More.

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