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Expanding the Use of TaskMaster & Job Automation

October 30, 2017

BCC Software offers the impressive power and versatility of scripting and automation with TaskMaster™, a comprehensive option for BCC Mail Manager™ that brings high-end automation to your operation, making it easy to record individual tasks or whole jobs, and set them to playback anytime, day or night, with little or no manual attention.

The overall goal of automation is to process jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible, and leveraging functionality within TaskMaster does just that. When setting up and deploying job automation, our team has encountered the scenario of reusing the same list for processing, which limits backup and archiving capabilities as well as the ability to run jobs simultaneously. Running jobs simultaneously is not only necessary, but also efficient, because the jobs progress and complete as they can – no bottle-necking small jobs behind larger ones while the work is continually processed.

The biggest hurdle to implementing simultaneous processing, or parallel as it’s known within TaskMaster documentation, is to not reuse lists but create a new list for every job that gets processed. By using a new list with every job, you can easily track jobs that are being processed, archive jobs for the future, and allow for parallel processing of jobs. Implementing this requires users to leverage a task called NEWLISTTEMPLATE, which allows the system to create a new list from an existing list template. List templates allow the users to store saved import routines or other modified record processes along with label and export settings – everything a user needs to process jobs as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to learn more about using NEWLISTTEMPLATE within your workflows or how to create and manage a list layout, please contact our sales team at 800.337.0442.

To learn more about TaskMaster and the power of automation, visit https://bccsoftware.com/options/taskmaster/.

This article was authored by George Vaisey, Director of Professional Services. 

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