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Get Peace of Mind on the Mail Piece Journey

December 28, 2018

It has been argued that direct mail has made gains on digital advertising due to digital fatigue, the phenomenon of consumers ignoring digital ads, including social media and email, because they are constantly exposed to them. And it seems like advertisers agree. Last year, over half of the Postal Service™ mail volume was Marketing Mail, totaling 78.3 billion pieces[1]. However, the risk Marketing Mail runs lies in crossing that physical chasm of space between the sender and the recipient. For the ROI magic to happen, the mail piece must arrive in the right hands.

If the mail piece isn’t delivered, what happens to it? Maybe it gets thrown away. Maybe it is returned to the sender. If it has a value of $25 or more, it will probably go to the Mail Recovery Center (MRC) in Atlanta to be auctioned off[2].

Let’s say the mail is returned. The U.S. has a return rate of 16 days[3], and although that’s fast compared to other countries, a lot can happen in 16 days. For either First-Class Mail® or Marketing Mail, a missing mail piece can influence the relationship between the sender and receiver, especially if they were expecting it. The birthday has come and gone, the coupon has expired, the election has passed, the W-2 is late for taxes, the parking ticket increased, the interview was missed. Let’s face it, timing is critical to the relevance of most mail pieces.

Whether mail gets thrown out, rerouted, forwarded, or returned, you shouldn’t be kept in the dark on the fate of the mail piece.

Track N Trace™ (TNT) from BCC Software allows you to check on the progress of any job and emails you an outbound delivery confirmation. Get the data on which mail pieces are scanned where and watch the exact path your mail takes in real time. TNT’s visibility tool, powered by Informed Visibility® from the USPS®, provides insight into weak links in the mailing process and possible missed scans. An interactive map lets you drill down to specific distribution centers and recognize patterns of congestion so you can better predict timing on future jobs. TNT’s intelligent mail piece tracking gives you the confidence of knowing your mail reached its delivery endpoint and when it happened. Go ahead, spread the word to your customers. We know TNT is too good to keep to yourself.

Looking to offer TNT to your customers? We offer Track N Trace Reseller services that allow you to customize a website featuring your logo and company branding. Provide powerful mail tracking functionality directly to your customers. Please note: BCC Mail Manager™ is not a requirement to take advantage of the TNT Reseller product.

No one likes to be kept in the dark. Light up your mail process flow with Track N Trace. To learn more about this service or to get started, contact our Sales Department today at 800-337-0442.

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