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Guest Article: A Message for Direct Mail Innovators

February 27, 2017

Are you on the cutting edge of direct mail trends?

If you’re a mail/print shop or marketer, do you focus on giving your customers only what they ask for? Or do you present them with additional ideas on how to send out better and more effective direct mail campaigns?

The answers to these questions can identify those companies that are growing and defining the industry.

There’s an interesting article on the “5 Hottest Trends in the Direct Mail industry” put out by list wholesaler, Mailers Haven. These trends run the gamut from targeted saturation data to “nthing” data according to postage density.

  1. Micro-Selects. The days of targeting income and age are slowly fading as more and more “micro-selects” (a.k.a. Propensities) are becoming available. Imagine targeting the exact prospects you are looking for. Results have proven to increase significantly – as high as 14%.

Check out the other tips from Mailers Haven here.

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