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Every Door Direct Mail: The BCC Mail Manager Advantage

February 27, 2017

UPDATE (6/20/19): BCC Software is continually updating its products to address customer feedback, and we are pleased to announce that new functionality for EDDM in Mail Manager is coming soon.

With the rise in popularity of Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) many mailers are commenting on how difficult it is to get accurate counts for their routes. Combined with the fairly recent change where every route in an EDDM mailing must achieve the Saturation level to qualify, this can be quite frustrating. However, this can be resolved with a little known Mail Manager feature, repeat counts on import.

When you see the presort error indicating one or more of your routes has insufficient pieces to qualify for Saturation in your EDDM mailing, you are faced with the daunting task of tracking down the route that is lacking. This can be done by comparing each route to the EDDM list on USPS.com, but depending on the size of your list this might be a Herculean task. Instead, we suggest you use our repeat counts import feature for creating a secondary list. That list can be used to find the routes that are not populated correctly.

  1. Create a new list, ideally from the same template as your EDDM list.
  2. Import from your existing EDDM list, assigning every field except the Business/Residential flag and Walk Sequence.
  3. From the Options tab in the Import Wizard, check “List has repeat count field” and set your repeat field and maximum repeats values to match those in your EDDM list.
  4. Once imported, confirm you have one record per stop, not per route.
  5. Go to Maintenance > Modify Selected Records, right click the Walk Sequence field and select ‘Calculate Walk Sequence”.
  6. Presort the list as an ECR/WS mailing, without repeats.
  7. Compare the totals from your EDDM list quantity or the quantity for each route on the USPS Qualification Report to the totals for each route listed on the right-hand side of the Qualification Report.
  8. Update the quantities in your EDDM list, and run the presort.

This allows you to not only update the routes, but to update them using the data identical to what Mail Manager uses when validating the routes.

As always, please contact customer support at 800.624.5234 with any questions or if you need any assistance setting up this process.

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