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Guest Article Solimar Systems: BCC Mail Manager’s Integration with Solimar’s Rubika

January 05, 2016

As organizations introduce more and more industry specific software packages over time, “the way that you always did it” is not necessarily the best way anymore. This challenge that Document Operations Centers are facing can cause costs to rise in many ways, from increased development time due to software integration to higher postage costs.

During early discussions with an insurance company, Solimar Systems, Inc.’s team discovered that besides wanting the ability to combine all print streams, including legacy and new, they wanted to achieve maximum postal discounts from presorting their mail.

In conjunction with Rubika®, Solimar’s document re-engineering tool, BCC Mail Manager allowed the company to perform householding and segmentation by document size, while placing intelligent mail barcodes (IMb) on documents to attain USPS first-class automation discounts.

Read more about the integration and the full success story.

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