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Industry Reminder: Migration to EPS

September 01, 2020

This is a reminder that if you are still utilizing the CAPS system you need to be moved off it and onto EPS (Enterprise Payment System) before 9/13 or your account will be shut down.

Here is an excerpt from the latest PostCom bulletin:

“Starting in late August, when CAPS users search for permits, they will not find them and instead will be directed to the USPS Help Desk to begin the migration process. Marc McCrery, USPS® VP of Mail Entry and Payment Technology, said the USPS doesn’t want to disrupt mail volume but is trying to find a way to grab the attention of CAPS users who have been unwilling to migrate so far. For letters and flats with fully qualified products, 727 accounts have not yet migrated, while for eVS with fully qualified products, 479 accounts have not yet migrated.”

Click here for more information on EPS and how to transfer.

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