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Informed Delivery Support Coming Mid August

July 31, 2017

By now, you have heard a lot about Informed Delivery. National Postal Forum solidified this as the “next big thing” for marketers and communicators of all types. And now, you can specify additional images and links for every mailpiece going to a household that has enabled Informed Delivery.

What does this mean for BCC Software users?

Mail.dat V17-2 contained the first actionable specification from the USPS, and you will see the new, extended abilities in a mid-month web update for all users with the Mail.dat option.

By clicking the “Informed Delivery” checkbox on the “Segment – Container” page of the Mail.dat wizard, you will activate the new Informed Delivery page in the wizard. This screen allows you to populate all the information you need to drive your Informed Delivery campaign.

The functions in Mail Manager reflect what the USPS is able to support today.  A future element, called “Replacement Image Target URL,” will be available in a future update, when USPS supports use of that function.

Even better, there is no additional fee from the USPS to take advantage of Informed Delivery, so you can add value to your mailing campaigns without incurring extra postage or USPS associated costs.

If you have specific questions about how to start utilizing Informed Delivery, contact the USPS. For more information on how to use the features, or how to start using the service, refer to the USPS guide.


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