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Keep Contact Records Up to Date with BCC Software

June 05, 2017

As your company grows and changes, there are times when BCC Software needs you to help us, help you. Changes in staffing, company-wide moves, and billing changes are key scenarios where we need to work together.

Did you know that if a former employee is not deactivated in our customer database, they may still have full access to your portal activity? Or, a current employee who has not been designated as either the product downloader or the admin role within the portal will not be able to download updates? Now that BCC Software has transitioned fully to eFulfillment, it is critical to review company role designations to avoid unnecessary and time-costing download delays. Take the time now to make ensure user roles are set up correctly by logging into your account on the BCC Software customer portal at https://portal.bccsoftware.com and making any necessary changes.

Moving or making changes to your billing process? Need separate addresses for shipping and billing? These are common scenarios when it’s important to update your contact information with BCC Software. Outdated and/or incorrect contact information could result in late payments or missed invoices that can negatively impact the credit worthiness of your company. If this applies, click here for our Official Customer Address Change form. Please be aware that BCC Software will not make any contact or address changes without formal notification either via the BCC Customer Contact Change Form or on your official company letterhead. Request for company name changes must be received on official company letterhead.

Keeping contact information updated is an easy way to maintain that business operations run smoothly. Together, we can work to minimize interruptions due to these common scenarios. Simply by letting us know when you make changes to your contact information, we can help you avoid these common scenarios and keep your focus on your business.

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