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Move Update Census Measurement Starts April 1, 2018

March 06, 2018

Earlier this year, the USPS® changed the game for Move Update verification. What was once accomplished during mail acceptance using the venerable MERLIN machine will now be measured in-line by USPS processing equipment.

In this process, mailpieces are checked for Move Update compliance while they are being sorted to their final destination.  Beginning April 1, the USPS will analyze the data from these scans and will bill you accordingly for pieces over the set threshold.

There is an important difference in that MERLIN verified per job, where the Census measurement will measure all mail submitted by a particular eDoc submitter. This means that a job with a lot of errors on its own may not generate a charge unless it pushes the whole month’s mail over the accepted 0.5%.

The USPS has decided that they will move forward with this change – the first live billing will happen on April 1, 2018 based on March 2018 data.

BCC Software recommends that you inspect your Mailer Scorecard to see your historical performance and make any required changes to avoid penalization. Any mailpieces over the 0.5% threshold will generate a charge of $.08 cents per piece.

If you have any questions, please contact our Senior Product Manager, Mitch Carpenter, directly at mitchc@bccsoftware.com. 

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