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The Secret is Out! DSF2 is the Powerful Tool You’ve Been Looking For

March 05, 2018

Psst…we want to share a secret with you. This secret can maximize postal discounts and help better target your marketing efforts. The secret is the power of DSF.

BCC Software’s DSF2 processing updates your list(s) by identifying known addresses and specific address attributes, then returning a Walk Sequence and a Business/Residential Flag for each record matched. This information can be used to hone your mailing lists and produce better targeted mailings.

Many of our customers have not explored DSF2 processing. Many mistakenly believe it is a specialized product used only for large mailers, but in reality, DSF2 processing is applicable to any mailer targeting a specific geographic area or ZIP Code™.

Here is what you need to know

DSF2 is an acronym for Delivery Sequence File that is used to standardize mailing addresses to improve deliverability. This database file contains every valid postal address in the United States. By pairing DSF2 with a Walk Sequence file, your mailing list may qualify for a reduced rate – which is among the most advantageous offered by the USPS® and is based on two criteria; ZIP Code (high density) and carrier route saturation.

High Density Rate: A minimum of 125 mailpieces within a specific carrier route.

Saturation Rate: A mail list containing a minimum of 75% of the total addresses, or 90% of the Residential Addresses to be delivered by a specific carrier.

Basic 5-Digit Flat Rate                 $ 0.466 Basic 5-Digit Flat rate                       $ 0.466
High Density Rate                        $ 0.248 Saturation Rate                                $ 0.111
ADDITIONAL SAVINGS: $ 0.218 or $218 per 1,000 mailpieces ADDITIONAL SAVINGS: $ 0.355 or $355 per 1,000 mailpieces
*Rates listed are per mail piece and accurate as of February 2018.

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of these savings is to run your mailing through DSF2, which appends Walk Sequence numbers to the addresses in a list, allowing you to claim these rates in your presort. Are you a non-profit? You may qualify for additional postal discounts.

To learn more about DSF2, contact our Sales Department at 800.337.0442 or your Sales Representative directly. To take advantage of all applicable postal discounts and see if DSF2 is an option for your company, simply give us a list and we will run it free of charge to let you know if your mailing qualifies.

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