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New Compliance Levels for IMpb Users Now in Effect

February 02, 2015

Parcel mailers using BCC Mail Manager™ products should verify their processes to ensure they are inside the compliance thresholds for IM®pb mailings effective January 25, 2015. The new compliance levels are listed below.

Don’t get concerned about the 11-digit requirements for lists with more than 2% non-DPV® records. These records include some of the delivery address information in the BCC Mail Manager generated shipping services file, which complies with the regulation as published in the federal register.

IMpb Compliance Thresholds January 25, 2015
Unique trackable IMpb barcode 99%
Destination Delivery Address 11-Digit Delivery Point Validation (DPV®) ZIP Code® included in the Shipping Services File 98%
Shipping Services File (SSF) v 1.6 or higher 97%

Please contact customer support at 800.624.5234 if you have questions or need assistance ensuring compliance with the new regulations. The original publication can be read on the Government Publishing Office (GPO) website.

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