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October 4th-8th is Customer Service Appreciation Week!

October 06, 2021

We are so grateful for our customer support team members who go above and beyond every day to ask our favorite question, “How Can We Help?” Our support team is comprised of experts with a complex knowledge of BCC Software solutions, as well as the mailstream and USPS® regulations. All Support team members are USPS Mailpiece Design Certified — the only mailpiece design certification program approved by the U.S. Postal Service®.

This year, celebrating Customer Service Appreciation Week is more important than ever. With staff working from home, in the office, or some combination of the two, our committee was tasked with brainstorming creative ways to recognize and reward each team member’s contributions regardless of location.

In honor of Customer Service Appreciation Week, our support teams in Rochester, NY, and La Crosse, WI, participated in a team painting activity (shown below). It turns out we’ve got a team of Rembrandts.

Fun, games, and celebration will continue throughout the week as we recognize our support team for all they do!

Customer Support at Rochester, NY location
Customer Support at LaCrosse, WI location
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