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Origin Confirm is now available through Track N Trace®!

October 06, 2014

You can now track inbound business reply mailpieces with Track N Trace® while utilizing the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™). You can create reports showing when inbound pieces will be arriving and even estimate their value.

Use the File Uploads page of the Track N Trace website to upload a file and begin tracking your inbound mail pieces. Our development team is feverishly working to include this upload capability within BCC Mail Manager, making Track N Trace Origin Confirm even more convenient for you.

Current Features:

  • The IMb™ tracks each mail piece as it travels back through the mail.
  • Supports four types of Business Reply Mail (BRM)
    • Basic BRM
    • High Volume BRM
    • Basic Qualified BRM
    • High Volume Qualified BRM
  • Supports First-Class Mail®
  • Standard reports include
    • Business Reply Mail pieces that are in route.
    • Business Reply Mail pieces that are lost
    • Business Reply Mail pieces that are expected to be returned
    • The amount of money that is in route.
  • Custom reports through advanced pivot grid
  • A variety of report formats can be chosen
  • Credits from Destination confirm can be used with Tract N Trace Origin Confirm

For help in getting started or questions please contact the BCC Software customer support department at (800) 453-3130.

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