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PCC Week Highlights

October 03, 2017

BCC Software was proud to be able to take part in many PCC events over the past couple of weeks, including Greater Charlotte, Greater Illinois, Rochester, and Buffalo.

The major message from the Post Master General was the unwavering convergence of physical and digital marketing tactics – this is not a fad, but an evolution of the industry. The Post Master General also discussed everything that the USPS® is doing to support this movement, including Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery.

In the same vein, CCMO Jim Chocrane of the USPS focused on the impact of direct mail as part of the marketing landscape, how important its place alongside digital is, and the USPS’ dedication to investing in this across its network. According to Chocrane, attribution is the new battleground in marketing, and Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility are a big part of that.

BCC Software president, Chris Lien, was a keynote speaker at the Greater Charlotte PCC event, presenting on the importance of staying informed and navigating the postal landscape, such as leveraging the USPS, industry associations, and vendor supplied resources (like BCC Software’s monthly eBulletin, user forum, and USPS certified customer support professionals) to their full advantage. Lien will also be speaking at the Lake of the Ozarks PCC event later this month.

BCC Software would like to congratulate the Greater Charlotte PCC for winning the Large Marketing PCC of the year! Glen Swyers from Classic Graphics, a valued BCC Software customer, was recognized with a PCC Industry Co-Chair Bronze Award for his individual contributions to the PCC. We applaud Glen for this great honor.

Learn more about BCC Software’s dedication to the industry here.

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