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Tech Tip: Tools you can use – Indexes

August 03, 2015

The purpose of a BCC Mail Manager index is for sorting data into a specific order. With an index, you are telling Mail Manager which fields to look at in order to perform a specific action, such as creating a Duplicate Records Report or Distribution Report, or Sorting Records.

More than one field can be used for an index, but keep in mind the size of your fields. Mail Manager has a 100 character limit for indexes. If the combined number of characters in the selected fields exceeds the character limit, an error message is displayed, and you will be unable to proceed. One common solution is using a calculated index expression, such as a ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ expression that uses portions of the fields to create the index. A good example of a ‘Left’ expression that is often used for finding duplicate records, and can be easily built with the integrated Expression Builder is:

Left([ZIPCODE],5)+Left([Delivery Address],40)+Left([FULLNAME],50).

If you need assistance setting up expressions, please call Customer Support at 1 800.624.5234.

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