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Professional Services, Not Just for Clients!

August 03, 2015

One might think that Professional Services is intended for our clients’ benefit only, but this isn’t the case. Throughout the years we’ve worked with a number of industry leaders to integrate BCC Software solutions into their specific workflow, benefitting our clients and in turn, benefitting theirs. From mail preparation and tracking, to data enhancement and targeting, BCC Software has a variety of services appropriate for your information quality needs and a proven track record of providing third-party vendors valuable tools to enhance their business needs.

BCC Software’s industry leading expertise and services provide prospects, customers, third-party vendors and partners with integrated, streamlined, user-friendly workflow automation products designed to eliminate redundant tasks, reduce errors, and increase visibility. We are actively engaged with multiple industry leading software vendors that have begun integrating our tools into theirs. This integration, will provide an improved mailing workflow that reduces touchpoints, enhances visibility, accessibility to mailing reports, and tracking of the overall mailing workflow. If you have an interest in how our service and integration approaches can provide added value to your organization or offerings, email us at sales@bccsoftware.com

As we wrap up these latest integrations, we are on the lookout for our next opportunities to improve user experience and functionality. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, let us know by emailing ProfessionalServices@bccsoftware.com.

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