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TNT™ Origin Confirm Integrated with BCC Mail Manager

February 02, 2015

Tracking outgoing mail is a way to add value to any mailing, by letting you see how the mail is progressing to your targets. But what about those return pieces? Which ones are on the way back? When will they get here?

Now you can answer that question with Track N Trace Origin Confirm™. TNT Origin Confirm uses the unique IMb® on the return mailpiece to let you see the progress with USPS® IMb Tracing®. In addition to knowing what is in the mail, you can also see how much money is in the mail. Specialized reporting allows you to see expected volume on any specific day, as well as how much remittance is coming in with that mailpiece. TNT Origin Confirm enables you to staff your incoming mail center to match your volume, predict cash flow, and improve the customer service experience by gaining visibility into your incoming mail.

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