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Increase Your ROI with Proprietary Change Of Address

February 02, 2015

Up to 40% of the people who move do not file changes of address with the USPS®, and as such cannot be located with NCOALink® processing. Our new Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) service goes beyond NCOALink to provide new addresses for individuals who have moved but neglected to file new address information with the USPS. These moves are compiled from various sources, such as magazine publishers and utilities. Using proprietary change of address services helps you get at those movers who fall into that category. In addition, our PCOA file contains 60 months of data, which can reactivate older customer segments that NCOALink 18 or 48-month processing cannot find.

Through some recent testing, a number of our customers have found that using our newly launched PCOA service will identify between 0.5% – 2.0% of their total files that have moved where NCOALink did not provide the new address. These pieces would most likely end up as returned, forwarded, or wasted.  With the updated data provided, these pieces will most likely be successfully delivered, and potentially generate the anticipated response.

Contact us today at 866.327.9059 and ask for an ROI calculation to see the impact PCOA can have on your next mailing.

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