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Update on Seamless Acceptance Incentive

February 03, 2021

Seamless Acceptance supports electronic documentation (eDoc) and Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMbs) on mailpieces, containers, and handling units. This means that commercial bulk mail no longer needs to be verified in-person by a mail clerk. Instead, the IMbs ensure the proper postage is present and that the mail is allowable in the mailstream. When it is confirmed that it is acceptable, the mail is sent, and the USPS® sends a scorecard to the mailer that measures the mailer’s compliance.

Seamless Acceptance is one of the ways USPS meets the needs of their customers and continues to stay up to date. The program allows for shorter mail processing time, greater process automation, and flexibility in mail preparation.

On January 25th, PostalPro released a fact sheet outlining the new initiative for mailers who are utilizing Seamless Acceptance. This guide provides a great, customer-friendly overview of the incentive – as well as the requirements needed in order to take advantage of it.  Find the guide here: https://postalpro.usps.com/seamless-incentive/fact-sheet.

At BCC Software, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers can handle all industry changes. If you have additional questions regarding changes within USPS or your software, please reach out to Customer Support at 800-624-5234.

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