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Accuracy is Key When it Comes to PAFs

September 05, 2017

As a NCOALink® Licensee, BCC Software would like to remind our customers of the importance of properly assigning the list ownership when submitting a NCOALink job.

We are required to obtain a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) either electronically or in hard copy for every list owner. This information is included in the monthly NCOALink  reports, which is closely monitored and reviewed by the USPS. They do notify BCC Software of any companies who appear to be falsifying their role, as List Owner on the PAF instead of Broker-Agent/List Administrator. Therefore, it is imperative that the PAF is completed with accurate information.

The PAF Guide located on the USPS PotalPro website defines the List Owner as:

  • The person or company for which NCOALink  processing will be performed
  • The owner of the mail created from the mailing list; the one party in the NCOALink  process that is driving the mail without whom any mailing would occur
  • The List Owner is the beneficiary of the NCOALink  processing

As a Broker-Agent/List Administrator, you must not sign the PAF as the List Owner if you do not own the mailing list that is being prepared for NCOALink processing.

If you have questions regarding the NCOALink  PAF, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Marketing Services team at 800.337.0372.

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