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PCOA Now Available Through DMS Wizard

September 05, 2017

While thousands of American individuals and families move every day, only 60 percent of these moves are reported to the USPS. So, what about the other 40 percent? BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) tool is now available through the Data Marketing Services Wizard on BCC Mail ManagerPCOA is an excellent tool for finding moves that never got filed with the USPS or that go beyond the 48-month USPS standard.

It works by capturing information about moves from multiple sources like magazine subscriptions and credit card companies. This data is then combined and compared to your list, ensuring you now have complete, correct and current addresses.

PCOA payment options include job-by-job invoice, prepaid credits, or a subscription service similar to the one available for NCOALink® processing. The service is based on the combined intelligence of multiple sources for the most accurate and precise results. For more information and to start taking advantage of this new feature, please call your sales representative at 800.337.0442 or email sales@bccsoftware.com.

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