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BCC Mail Manager’s Biggest Upgrade: Companion Interface

April 18, 2023

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The best just got better. For the first time in the BCC Mail Manager product history, it receives a significant upgrade to further revolutionize postal presort and address correction software. Now offering you more flexibility and usability than ever before without changing the core product: Mail Manager Companion Interface.

“The Companion Interface is the culmination of years of work – which we did to make the user experience more flexible than ever before,” states Mitch Carpenter, Director of Product at BCC Software.

Users can now switch back and forth between the core interface and upgraded experience. Bulk Mailer users will recognize the Companion Interface integrated within the Mail Manager software. There’s a reason for that.

“When BCC Software acquired Satori Software in 2019, BCC Software’s goal was to unify the 2 leading comprehensive Mailing software platforms into a single, best-of-breed platform – where the USER controls how they want to interact with the product,” says Mitch. “Companion Interface will keep the powerful backbone of Mail Manager for users looking for a high control / high power tool, but now, you have access to a more user-friendly interface based on the much-lauded Bulk Mailer platform.”

The upgrade is available April 20th, 2023 and is a free upgrade for all BCC Mail Manager Standard users. We are hard at work integrating the Companion Interface into other versions of Mail Manager, such as the Network version and Full Service, in the coming months.

For product questions, please contact support at support@bccsoftware.com

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