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Chance Favors the Prepared: The Importance of Cross Training

October 05, 2016

With the flu and holiday seasons on the horizon, it is time to think about how you can prepare to handle those important data processing jobs, should your lead data processor be unexpectedly pulled out of the office.

Cross training is a great way for smaller print shops to ensure that workflow demands can be met, regardless of illness or vacation. It also provides an opportunity for employees from other areas to explore and develop new skills. It also prevents companies from feelings of being “held hostage” by employees who have gained too much power due to the lack of or improper cross training.

Proper cross training can be critical to business continuity with your data processors being the first line of defense. They should be cross trained between themselves along with other appropriate personnel across the company, such as customer service representatives and IT team members.

Cross training does not have to be complicated. It can include:

  • Talking about industry news
  • Sharing internal presort rules and requirements
  • NCOALink® processing (including understanding Processing Acknowledgment Form requirements)
  • Reviewing TaskMaster workflows or repeat events, such as customers who send the same jobs repeatedly that only one person fully understands and/or processes

In addition, BCC Software offers various training resources through our free Express Learning Sessions (ELS) and our Postal and Software Training Workshops, which are offered at a nominal fee. Check out the professional services page to obtain more details and schedules for these resources.

Even with the best cross training programs, there will be times when a job may be either highly time sensitive and beyond the skill level of even the most competent back-up personnel. This is where you can rely on BCC Software’s award-winning support and professional services teams to help you get the job done. Don’t chance it. Be prepared!

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