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Eclipse Corporation’s DocOrigin Streamlines Production Speed for Commercial Print Service Provider

May 23, 2019
This is a guest article from Eclipse Corporation, a valued BCC Software partner.

Mele Printing of Louisiana is one of the largest commercial printing companies serving the Gulf Coast region. They offer both digital and offset printing solutions, specializing in various types of political, marketing, statement, and variable data campaigns. Kerry Diaz and Mike Badeaux of Mele Printing sat down with Kevin Craine for an Xplor International webinar. This is what we learned.


  • Keeping up with the changing times of the transactional printing industry – black and white static forms that don’t serve multiple purposes are no longer the norm.
  • Instead of just reporting facts on a page, customers want attractive, data driven, dynamic forms that provide more relevant and valuable information to the individual reading the document or form.
  • Finding a solution that fits their needs and at an appropriate price point.


Mele found the product to help them modernize. After looking at several big name options and ruling them out, they discovered DocOrigin at the Xplor Conference in Orlando. Mike Badeaux, Senior Applications Developer at Mele Printing, explains, “I think it was the ease of use, the simplicity that we were looking at… and their FilterEditor tool, just as a programmer, when I saw that tool and how easy it was to grab data from one place and drop it into another, it just really intrigued me, really excited me.”


  • Driving all printers at rated speeds
  • Improving customer communications and presentation of information
  • Leveraging advanced features from their equipment – for instance, the Pitney Bowes Accelejet, Mele was the first company to put the Accelejet into production. This is a state-of-the-art production printer designed for complex documents and forms. DocOrigin drives the Accelejet to get full-rated speed while taking advantage of the high resolution and advanced features.
  • Integrating this system with other tools to help reduce postage cost and improve delivery. Kerry Diaz, in Applications Development and Sales at Mele, says, “One of the nice things DocOrigin does is it allows us to create a file, basically a name and address file that we can seamlessly import into the BCC Mail Manager automated process. You get everything pre-sorted. It outputs back into our DocOrigin system and we’re able send the statements out pre-sorted, which obviously, saves customers money, and that’s the end game. That’s what the customers are looking for, to save money. But everything’s completely seamless, completely automated, no human interaction at all, so it is working perfectly. We’re really excited with that product.”
  • 80 credit union customers running on the same form now with really great results. Diaz points out that: “All of our clients really like the modern look of their forms, and they like the speed that we’re able to process their files and get their member statements in the mail. And we’re adding new credit unions every year now. So there’s always a need for speed.The unique thing that we’ve done is we’ve taken the member’s share statement, their Visa statement, if there is one, and possibly even a tax statement at the end of the year, we merge them all into one envelope and send that one envelope to the member so that it looks like one statement to them. And that’s important to the member and it’s important to our client because it saves postage cost for our client and the member gets everything in one envelope, so it’s been really good for us in that regard. The processing time has drastically improved…literally from hours to process some of our larger credit unions to minutes processing that same credit union with the DocOrigin software system. It’s literally been that much of an improvement.”
  • A more efficient pricing system. Diaz says, “Financially, it’s actually done very well…Going way back, the way the pricing structure used to be was you would pay one price for the first page and then maybe a little bit less cost for a second, third, fourth page. We started offering a one price pays all, basically. So much per statement, as opposed to so much per page. This helped out a lot with customers’ invoicing…They know right up front, it’s going to be X amount per statement…Cost per statement has done a great job for us.”

DocOrigin software makes it much easier to create more dynamic forms with more advanced features with much less coding and effort than ever before and with flexible pricing. To read about and hear the full webinar, click here.

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