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Get Certified and Save Time and Money!

May 31, 2016

If you need some of the capability exclusively found in Mail Manager Full Service, but aren’t ready to upgrade, BCC Software Professional Services can help!  We can perform Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Select, and Parcel Select Lightweight presorts for you quickly and affordably!

Some sortation processes require the extra step of certification. For example, if you are planning on using an Intelligent Mail Parcel Barcode (IMpb) you will need to get your IMpb certified prior to the mailing. The process is easy and using the IMpb will result in a $0.20 per piece discount. The resulting cost savings is $200 per 1,000 pieces in a job!

By failing to take this step, your presort may incur additional surcharges or your job could be delayed at USPS acceptance, resulting in unnecessary time delays that could impact existing SLAs (service-level agreement) with your customers.

Let BCC Software help you work through these certifications. You will be prepared to quickly, and efficiently, accept new presort opportunities while ensuring you are able to provide your customers the appropriate level of postage savings.

For more information on IMpb and certification, check out the following links: Using IMpb and IMpb Tech Guide. To speak with a member of the Professional Services team, call (866) 326-7081 or contact us at professionalservices@bccsoftware.com.

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