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Getting the Vote Out this Election Season

May 31, 2016

Election day is quickly approaching, which means political mailings are ramping up. Did you know that DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File Processing) can enhance address quality and reduce postage rates?

Political mailings focus on specific/small area of voters, making them eligible for discounted High Density or Saturation Postage rates. In order to qualify for these rates, pieces need to have a Walk Sequence Number, which is appended during DSF2 processing. The Walk Sequence number is used to order the mail pieces in the exact order that the carriers walk their route. These rates are the deepest level of postage discounts available.

In addition, DSF2 identifies whether the addresses in your file are present in the USPS delivery file as a known address record, making it easy to recognize invalid/incomplete addresses. You then can decide to correct these addresses through another channel or eliminate them from the mailing. It also tells you whether an address is seasonal, vacant, residential, or business. This information can be used to target (or not target) a particular audience, increasing the effectiveness of the mailing.

Regardless of who you vote for, ensure that your political mailings are earning the postage discounts they deserve through use of Delivery Sequence File Processing.

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