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Guest Post from BCC Software Partner Window Book: Reduce Your Visits to the PostalOne! Dashboard with PostalWeb

February 02, 2015

Do you find processing eDoc on the PostalOne!® dashboard very time consuming and tedious?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your PostalOne! Postal Statements automatically downloaded and organized on your Server for you?

Sit back and think about all the time you spend:

  • Manually logging in to PostalOne!
  • Manually finding and retrieving postage statements, and
  • Manually transferring all of them back to your computer.

You currently do it that way because you have to. But – not anymore!

For years the USPS® has been encouraging mailers to submit their Mail.dat® files to PostalOne! in order to participate in programs such as eDoc, Full-Service Intelligent Mail®, eInduction and Seamless Acceptance. We at Window Book think PostalOne! eDoc is terrific for the USPS and the mailing industry, but there are definitely things that can be improved. One thing in particular is retrieving and downloading finalized postage statements to your network. For many mailers and their customers this is a very time-consuming and tedious process.

So Window Book began asking questions: How could the information in PostalOne! be reprovisioned to be more useful for mailers and how could we take the extra labor out of that interaction? Our answer is PostalWeb™ (PostalWeb.Net), a website built for the needs of Mail Service Providers and their clients. It provides a much more useful view of your submission information and you can access it on your computer or mobile device, even while you are on the shop floor!

More importantly, you can receive all of your finalized postage statements via e-mail or automated secure file transfer right to your network. When you elect to have the files transferred, we can even organize them for you by client! PostalWeb.Net can also give you an XML file with all of the important postage information in it, including data you can’t export from PostalOne! today. Then you can import this data right into your job shop or accounting system!

Read more: www.windowbook.com/Articles

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