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Labeling Lists and the BCC Mail Manager family of products – Helping you remain efficient and compliant through the changes

June 12, 2014

The USPS® is changing the release schedule for certain data products, effective in September 2014. The change takes the labeling lists from their current release schedule and moves them to a monthly release. The tables include Labeling Lists, Mail Direction file, Zone Matrixes and the City/State product. This significantly changes the planning process for mailings.

We have heard you loud and clear; you need tools to handle this new wrinkle when preparing mailings. As a result, all BCC Mail Manager products will be enhanced in the summer release to make dealing with the new changes as easy and straightforward as possible. The BCC Mail Manager family of products will soon be able to:

  • Install and maintain multiple sets of presort tables
    • Automatically select the appropriate tables based on the “Mailing Date” entered on the Mailing Presort Information window.
    • This will be updated in the future to reflect Induction Date based on the USPS requirements
  • Facilitate selecting specific Labeling Lists when necessary
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