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Datavolve CASS and NCOALink Certified!

June 12, 2014

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Datavolve, featuring significant enhancements to features and performance, has received CASS and NCOALink® certification from the USPS® on three different platforms: Windows 64, Windows 32, and Linux 64. These certifications allow us to leverage our 30-year data quality knowledge-base to deliver address validation and standardization configured to enable our customers to achieve their unique needs.Datavolve Logo

Datavolve is an on-premise technology hub, delivering address and data quality as an integral part of the data management workflow. With transactional and batch mode processing available, Datavolve serves as a single solution for standardizing and correcting addresses wherever they’re entered, managed, or stored in any environment. Applications range from master data management and mail preparation to eCommerce and contact center validation. We continue to focus on flexible deployment options and maximum performance to ensure data quality throughout your organization. Along with the recent certifications, the latest release of Datavolve includes key enhancements to the core engine including:

  • Multithreading improvements for maximum performance – supporting in excess of 100 threads, Datavolve can be configured to maximize performance based on your specific environment.
  • Name parsing for increased flexibility, quality, and targeting – Datavolve’s name parsing engine is effective at considering factors including gender, ethnic names, and multiple line name input to identify name parts for individuals and businesses.

To learn more or get a demo, contact your sales representative today!

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