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New Functionality for Mail Manager and Mail Manager FS

October 26, 2016

There were exciting new updates in the October software release from BCC Software. If you haven’t installed your October DVD and downloaded the web updates, now is the time. Just go to Help → Web Update.

New functionality for Mail Manager and Mail Manager Full Service includes:

  • Added the “eInduction” checkbox to the ‘Container Tag Options’ dialog. When selected, “EINDUCTION – USPS SCAN REQUIRED – EINDUCTION” is printed above the pallet placard barcode.
  • Added PS Form 3606-D Certificate of Bulk Mailing (Domestic) to the Miscellaneous Postal Forms menu. The interactive window allows data entry with the capability to print input directly on the form.
  • Added the ‘Use Tray Min Overrides’ group to the Advanced Settings Container Options tab, to set tray threshold minimums, or allow them to be skipped entirely for letter presorts. Note: Be sure you stay within USPS guidelines.
  • Made an enhancement so that Periodical, Flats using optional tubs can be presorted on pallets. No more courtesy placards or undocumented errors for this type of mailing.

Unique problem solving changes exclusively for Mail Manager Full Service:

  • Added ‘Sort Containers by Weight (full containers appear first)’ Advanced Setting, used to order pallets by volume. To print the USPS Qualification Report, Presort Production Report and Presorted Labels in this order, check the ‘Container Weight Order’ box from the Presort Summary Printing Menu. This will ensure that your fullest trays are on the bottom of the pallet – giving you the best stability for transportation.
  • Added a ‘User Sort Order’ Container Advanced Setting, which allows an expression to order pieces within a bundle.

Check the release notes for more details. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please call Customer Support at 800.624.5234.

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