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PCOA Processing coming soon to BCC Mail Manager

June 28, 2017

15% of the US population moves on an annual basis. But did you know that 40% of movers do not file a national change of address (NCOA) notification with the USPS®? Whether people forget in the chaos of moving or intentionally do not file a change of address in an attempt to not be located, the fact remains that a number of moves simply can’t be found by running the NCOALink® process alone.

BCC Software’s Proprietary Change of Address, or PCOA, processing captures information about household moves from multiple sources like magazine subscriptions and credit card companies. This data is all combined into a master database that your list is compared to. For each match, you’re provided the new address along with a variety of supplemental data like the move date and type of move.

The most effective use of PCOA processing is to run it after CASS Certification, but prior to NCOALink® processing. NCOALink® processing still needs to be the last step in the address quality journey to ensure you are compliant with USPS Move Update regulations.

For more information on PCOA and our address quality services, please contact BCC Software at marketing@bccsoftware.com

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