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Political Direct Mail Wins Elections – if it Arrives in Time!

September 01, 2020

This is a guest article from Direct Logistics, a valued BCC Software partner.

When you need to get political marketing mail in-home fast, anywhere in the nation, NDC / SCF drop-shipping and TruckDirectMail.com (TDM) is your best option.

Despite the unpredictability of America’s political landscape, some things never change: Direct mail remains the most credible form of political outreach and political marketing is expected to dominate the 2020 election cycle from local to national levels. In that environment, putting your candidate or issue in the mailbox FIRST (not to mention quickly and reliably) can make the difference between winning and losing.

Given that in-home performance is so critical this year, why risk the delays of mail consolidation or comingling, or the complexities of PMOD?  LTL shipping to NDC / SCF facilities is fast, affordable, reliable; and the leading online LTL service is available to you 24/7 courtesy of BCC Software and Direct Logistics, Inc.

BCC.TruckDirectMail.com offers affordable dock-to-dock LTL shipping with a 99.6% historical average for on-time delivery and simple tools to plan your in-home targets. Best of all, ANY CLIENT OF BCC SOFTWARE can quickly register for free and easily begin LTL drop-shipping right now at https://BCC.TruckDirectMail.com.

With NDC / SCF destination entry drop-shipping, your pre-sorted and palletized mail is injected directly into the outbound leg of the mail stream. This substantially accelerates in-home delivery compared to standard USPS processing times and saves money on postage.

How to Use BCC.TruckDirectMail.com

Using TDM, BCC Software Users can create LTL drop-shipment jobs in three ways: by using the TDM quote-id function in Mail Manager, by uploading a mail.dat file from ANY presort application, or by manual entry on the website. For basic instructions on each method contact your BCC Software representative.

“Red Tag” Political Campaign Mail

Combine TDM shipping with USPS form 57 “red tags” for optimum handling performance in the mail stream. Courtesy of about.USPS.com: “The Postal Service recommends that mailers use the red PS Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, to identify trays and sacks that contain PCM (political campaign mail.) Although use of the tag is optional, when used, it provides greater visibility to containers of PCM as they move through Postal Service processing and distribution operations.

Tag 57 is only intended for use on containers (trays and sacks) of First-Class Mail and Standard Mail items entered by a registered political candidate, campaign committee, or committee of a political party and in connection with a partisan or nonpartisan election.”

Remember to REGISTER TODAY at https://bcc.truckdirectmail.com
and get ONE FREE LTL DROP SHIPMENT with your first order!

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