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Solimar Workflow Proves to Drive Over $400K in New Opportunities for BCC Software Customer

September 01, 2020

This is a guest article from Solimar Systems, a valued BCC Software partner.

Whenever you develop a partnership, there should be a mutual benefit for both members—and most importantly—there should be a benefit to the end-users or customers. As a valued partner of BCC Software, Solimar has had the good fortune to build strong relationships with our customer base and the BCC Software team. Whether that is participating in each other’s events over the years, providing insight to our users through our newsletters or working together to improve a customers production print and mail business, the results of the partnership are critical in helping print and mail customers drive more business, reduce cost, and deliver their materials on-time.

You are here though to learn how a common customer of ours managed to significantly add opportunity revenue to their business through the power of workflow and postal optimization software – a theme we have presented in past BCC Software newsletter articles such as Print and Mail Changes You May Not Require, But Will Want—And the ROI to Boot. Before we jump into this case study on Borns Group, a direct mail and marketing service provider, we reference this previous article because it also discusses two other common customers of BCC Software and Solimar and the impact the integration between our two solutions has had on their ability to drive down operational costs and speed up production and delivery times. So, if you are looking for several proof points across industries and printer types, our previous article is the gateway.

Turning back to Borns Group, we recently published a press release discussing why this organization is not only an example of the power of print production workflow software, but why it is critical when an inkjet printing press is implemented into a print and mail provider’s shop. In many cases, we work together with BCC Software to provide upgraded workflow automation, optimization, enhancement, tracking and reporting capabilities (e.g., ViaTech in Texas). However, in some cases like Borns Group, BCC Software was already in place providing postal optimization capabilities. This is important for BCC Software users to understand because of the power it had in helping Borns Group choose the Solimar workflow solution.

“We are also able to use our postal software from BCC Software together with Rubika; the two software products work well together for us,” says Lee Borns, Vice President at Borns Group. “We often index PDF files to capture address block information and then use Rubika to export the address information. The BCC Software ingests the data file for NCOALink® processing and returns an updated data file back to Rubika, which gets imported back into the PDF. This allows mail pieces to be sorted in a manner for increased postal discounts. It also performs address cleansing based on the NCOALink information returned by BCC Software. The whole process operates very smoothly and accurately.”

We invite you to watch our case study interview with Lee Borns and the Borns Group or read the written version. The highlights of the results achieved by the Solimar® Chemistry™ PDF-centric workflow management solution speak for themselves:

  • Added $400,000 of new business
  • Improved project turn-around times over 60%
  • Cut labor and operational costs by $100,000 per year
  • $20,000 reduction in postal charges by using the Solimar Rubika householding modules

If the above results would be helpful for your organization, we welcome you to reach out to your BCC Software representative and request more information. And, if you are already a Solimar customer, we invite you to log in to Solimar University Online to hear our customers talk about some of our newest technology, like ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™, and how it is saving them workflow processing time, storage cost and manual labor while helping their production print devices to run at rated speeds. We look forward to engaging with you soon to help make your work “flow” most optimally through your production environment.

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