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Postal Industry Updates: October 2020

October 07, 2020

Temporary Price Adjustment to Take Effect on October 18, 2020

After approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission, the temporary price adjustment that had been proposed to run through December 27, 2020 will go live on October 18. Support for the adjustment went live on PostalOne!® on October 4th.

BCC Software is dedicated to ensuring our customers can handle all industry changes, including this price adjustment. To that end, all BCC Software products will support the adjustment prior to the go live date. If you have questions regarding the adjustment and/or your software, please reach out to Customer Support at (800) 624-5234.

MTAC Introduces New Business Mailer Security Group

The Mailers Technical Advisory Committee recently launched a new user group focused on Business Mailer Security. The group’s mission statement is as follows:

“Cybersecurity, fraud, and privacy are all business concerns that impact every company in the Mailing Industry Supply Chain. Effectively managing cyber risk and privacy requires each participant in the mailing industry ecosystem to learn and play their part. Improving the mailing industry’s understanding and providing education around USPS and industry cybersecurity approaches will help promote security as a priority across our collective engagement.”

BCC Software is proud to be a part of the Business Mailer Security user group to ensure more secure processes across the supply chain.

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