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Postal Service to Resume Billing for ACS Services Effective August 24, 2018

September 04, 2018

On Friday, August 10th, 2018, the Postal Service™ issued an Industry Alert notifying ACS™ customers that they will resume billing for ACS services beginning August 24th.  The August 24th invoice will include charges for the fulfillment of ACS-related services for the period of July 25th through August 24th. The next invoice, scheduled for September 24th will include charges for the six-month period, March 25th through August 24th.

Back in June, the Postal Service advised ACS customers that they identified a discrepancy in the invoices produced for the April and May billing cycles and requested that mailers not pay their invoices for either month. It has taken this long for the USPS National Customer Support Center to finalize their analysis and be confident that they have corrected the errors that occurred. For that reason, we suggest reviewing invoices very carefully.

To aid in this reconciliation process, it would be prudent to review the updated ACS File Format Technical Guide. The new guide includes information on new product codes being assigned to ACS records. These codes can be used to reconcile charges for ACS notifications that failed to meet USPS® quality standards.

Additionally, the Postal Service is offering to provide preliminary invoices to ACS customers who presented Full Service-eligible mailings during this time-period. To request a preliminary invoice, the Postal Service suggests sending an email to the ACS Support department at acs@usps.com with a subject line containing “ACS Invoice Review Request.” Be sure to include your ACS account number.

Stay tuned for any more related updates from BCC Software.

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