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Quick Data Marketing Services (DMS) Reference

September 01, 2016

BCC Software’s Customer Portal can be used as a quick reference for most DMS questions. It provides our users freedom to check the status of existing DMS jobs, manage Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs), and view a wide range of technical documents anytime.

Once logged into the Customer Portal, the status of DMS jobs can be viewed by going to Services > Data Marketing Services > Data Marketing Jobs. On this screen you can create an endless combination of queries based on specific criteria such as PO number, date ranges, and process types.

PAFs can be managed and viewed by going to Services > Data Marketing Services > PAF Management. This screen allows you to view PAFs of any status, add new ePAFs, delete any with a pending signature, and resend ePAF confirmation e-mails. There’s an export feature to create reports, making it even easier to monitor expired/soon to be expired PAFs.

Technical documentation on DMS is available throughout the Customer Portal. Resources that address commonly asked questions, such as return mail issues or blank PAFs, can be found by going to Services > Data Marketing Services.  Also, under Support > Technical Documents, resources on how to use the PAF Management tool and understanding NCOALink Return Codes are available.

While visiting our Customer Portal, be sure to check out the User Forum. This is a great reference to catch up on the BCC Software community, industry changes, and post any of your own questions to be viewed and answered by subject matter experts.

For further information on the Customer Portal and/or DMS call the Data Marketing Department at 1-800-337-0372.

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